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Monday, September 5, 2011

Kamen Rider Hibiki

Kamen Rider Hibiki (仮面ライダー響鬼(ヒビキ), Kamen Raidā Hibiki?, Masked Rider Hibiki) is a Japanese tokusatsu superhero television series. It is the fifteenth installment in the popular Kamen Rider Series of tokusatsu programs. It is a joint collaboration between Ishimori Productions and Toei. Kamen Rider Hibiki first aired on January 30, 2005 and aired its final episode on January 22, 2006. This series is noted for introducing new themes and styles yet unseen in other shows. The catchphrase for the series is "To us, they are heroes." (ぼくたちには、ヒーローがいる, Bokutachi ni wa, hīrō ga iru?).


The story's main focus is the teacher and apprentice-like relationship between Asumu Adachi and the Oni called Hibiki. Asumu is a young boy unsure of himself and is at a crossroads in his life as he transitions to high school. As the series progresses, he learns to be an adult through watching Hibiki and the other Oni. The secondary focus of the series is the ancient battle of the Kamen Riders (referred to as Oni in this program) and the Makamou, demons that can only be defeated using "pure sound". The series follows the life and training of the four main Oni: Hibiki, Ibuki, Todoroki and Zanki.

Episode 1 The Echo Oni
Episode 2 Howling Spider
Episode 3 Falling Voice
Episode 4 Running Ichirou
Episode 5 Melting Sea
Episode 6 Beating Soul
Episode 7 Blowing Breath Oni
Episode 8 Shouting Wind
Episode 9 Wriggling Evil
Episode 10 Oni Standing In A Line
Episode 11 Swallowing Wall
Episode 12 Revealed Secrets
Episode 13 Berserk Fate
Episode 14 Devouring Douji
Episode 15 Weakening Thunder
Episode 16 Roaring Oni
Episode 17 The Targeted Town
Episode 18 Unbroken Hurricane
Episode 19 The Strumming Warrior
Episode 20 The Pure Sound
Episode 21 Demons Drawn Together
Episode 22 Changing Into A Cacoon
Episode 23 Summer of Training
Episode 24 Burning Crimson
Episode 25 Racing Blueness
Episode 26 Tallying Days
Episode 27 Passing Down the Bond
Episode 28 Unending Villainy
Episode 29 Shining Boy
Episode 30 Premonition of Training
Episode 31 Surpassing Father
Episode 32 Bursting Out Song
Episode 33 Armed Saber
Episode 34 Beloved Bonito
Episode 35 Lost Angel
Episode 36 Hungry Skuki
Episode 37 Revived Lightning
Episode 38 Broken OnGeki
Episode 39 Your Beginning
Episode 40 Approaching Oni
Episode 41 Awakening of a Teacher and Student
Episode 42 Ferocious Demons
Episode 43 Body That Cannot Change
Episode 44 Secret Forbiddenness
Episode 45 Dying A Glorious Death Zanki
Episode 46 The Mastered Path of the Oni
Episode 47 Talking to a Back
Episode 48 The Dream of Tomorrow


Hibiki New Years Performance

Other Link

Episode 19
Episode 22
Episode 25
Episode 41
Episode 48

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