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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ultra Galaxy Legend Gaiden: Ultraman Zero vs. Darklops Zero

To promote the movie, two special DVDs will be released to lead up to the storyline of the movie titled Ultra Galaxy Legend Gaiden: Ultraman Zero vs. Darklops Zero (ウルトラ銀河伝説外伝 ウルトラマンゼロVSダークロプスゼロ Urutora Ginga Densetsu Gaiden: Urutoraman Zero VS Dākuropusu Zero?). Shota Minami, Hiroyuki Konishi, Ryu Manatsu, and Mamoru Miyano reprise their roles from Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle, Never Ending Odyssey, and Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie in these DVDs.[1] The Gaiden will also feature Darklops Zero (ダークロプスゼロ Dākuropusu Zero?, also voiced by Miyano) who is the prototype of Darklops and can wear an armor similar to the Techtor Gear Zero called Techtor Gear Black (テクターギアブラック Tekutā Gia Burakku?) along with Gomora's mechanical doppelganger Mecha Gomora (メカゴモラ Meka Gomora?) created by the Alien Salome Herodia (ヘロディア?, Portrayed by Tomomi Miyashita). Also appearing are the mass produced robot Imitation Ultra Brothers (ニセウルトラ兄弟 Nise Urutora Kyōdai?) created by the Alien Salome Herodia, which includes Imit Ultra Seven (SR) (ニセウルトラセブン(SR) Nise Urutorasebun (Esu Āru)?), as the leader, Imit Zoffy (SR) (ニセゾフィー(SR) Nise Zoffī (Esu Āru)?), Imit Ultraman (SR) (ニセウルトラマン(SR) Nise Urutoraman (Esu Āru)?), Imit Ultraman Jack (SR) (ニセウルトラマンジャック(SR) Nise Urutoraman Jakku (Esu Āru)?), Imit Ultraman Ace (SR) (ニセウルトラマンエース(SR) Nise Urutoraman Ēsu (Esu Āru)?). "SR" is short for Salome Robo (サロメロボ Sarome Robo?).

Thanks to G.U.I.S.

Ultra Galaxy Legend Gaiden: Ultraman Zero vs. Darklops Zero (2010)

Stage 1 - Cosmic Collision

Stage 2 - Zero's Suicide Zone

Stage 1 & 2: Torrent

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