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Monday, September 5, 2011

Garo Special: Beast of the Midnight Sun

Garo Special: Beast of the Midnight Sun (牙狼スペシャル 白夜の魔獣 GARO Supesharu Byakuya no Majū?) is a two part special episode of the Japanese tokusatsu series Garo that aired at the end of 2006.


In the aftermath events of Garo: Chapter of the Black Wolf, Kouga Saejima sets out to the northern district upon reassignment. While hunting down Horrors, a young priestess named Rin informs Kouga that she has been sent by Priest Amon to save a presumed dead friend in the Makai realm within Kantai, Jabi. Kouga teams up with Rin in a quest to save Jabi as they are hindered by supernatural and Makai forces alike. Meanwhile somewhere in Japan the dark Horror Lord Legules was resurrected and plots a means to alter a supernatural event called Midnight Sun within Kantai to plunge the world into darkness with his "family."

English Sub by Tv-Nihon



Garo Special: Beast of the Midnight Sun
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