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Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Century Ultraman Legend

An Ultra-obsessed family (Mom, Dad, and one Kenny) excitedly prepare for a viewing of Ultraman Cosmos on TV. Dad even wears a Super-GUTS jacket with “Papa” emblazoned on the back! The boy, Kanchi, folds a paper airplane. It promptly grows large enough to seat him and his father, and the two are whisked off through their TV screen into Ultra-land!

They fly through stock footage of various Ultramen battling monster foes. They shout encouragement to the Ultra-heroes, and sometimes throw things at the monsters. The TV / film clips are randomly interspersed with scenes of the many Ultramen doing an aerobics-like dance routine! There are also flashing super-deformed Ultras, and title screens from the various Ultra series.

The father & son TV travelers re-emerge into their living room. Mom seems surprisingly unfazed by the whole thing. Then, an evil face appears in the sky! Kanchi summons the Ultramen (all 28 of them) to vanquish it. Family TV night is saved!

New Century Ultraman Legend is a short film that played in Japanese theaters with Ultraman Cosmos 2: The Blue Planet. It is one strange little movie. The scenes of many Ultramen dancing in unison give the impression that the crew at Tsuburaya Productions got really stoned one day and decided to film something while under the influence. Even some of the stock clips included are kind of trippy (one shows Ultraseven being “crucified”). The battle at the end is anticlimactic. The “Face in the Sky” is a cheaply animated thing. At one point, it spits out a bunch of Ultra-kaiju, but there is no big battle between the assembled Ultras and the monster swarm. While the end credits play, Mom and Dad lead a field full of children (and some other parents) in doing the Ultra dance. The whole affair is likely to leave sober viewers dumbfounded.

Thanks to Hikari Senshi

New Century Ultraman Legend (2002)
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